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Quick crusher energy saving more energy environmentally friendly

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Quick crusher energy saving more energy and environmental protection:
Many mining companies to buy crusher years ago , due to technical level , aging equipment and other reasons, yielding a low energy consumption , but throw it a little pity , buy new equipment also requires greater investment , so saving crusher transformation is the second choice of many bosses .
Now we get to make use of existing equipment , how to increase production, reduce energy consumption , so the old section of broken equipment disposable second spring
1 , into the hopper of the crusher must be broken to meet the requirements, the maximum strength to strength materials can be processed in the crusher . Moreover , the crushing process, the crushing chamber should be prevented from entering the non-broken like iron therein.
2 , when the feed material crushing when mixed together , there are a variety of materials strength inequality , high strength material will protect small strength materials , thereby reducing the probability of crushing strength of the material and the smaller particle size . Due to the strength of the liner and cause crushing chamber by force is not uniform , and ultimately can lead to uneven wear liner , affecting the normal operation of the crusher.
3 , therefore , to improve the efficiency of the crusher , the device components to improve the forces , fully laminated in the crushing process of crushing function in the production process should try to ensure uniformity of the feed material requirements of strength .
Quick crusher equipment , how to choose :
Many mining companies crusher selection , because of the demand for equipment and their understanding is not enough, so the blind choice will cause great waste of money and more time costs , the choice of crusher equipment , crushing equipment specialists Shandong broken Factory will provide you with a better selection of tips on the crusher , to provide you with a more suitable crusher equipment production lines.
Broken equipment before we choose , be sure to clear the way crushed , according to the requirements of the material properties of the particles , particle size and crushed products , take appropriate force mode , then select the type of grinding equipment .
1 large or medium grain size using a hard material crushing , impact, with different shapes on the teeth grinding tools, such as jaw crusher , roll crusher and so on.
2 , the use of smaller particle size crushing hard materials , surface impact , grinding, crushing tools without teeth , is smooth , such as on the roll crusher .
3 , powder or pulpy material using grinding , impact , crush, such as ball mill.
4 , the use of abrasive materials weak shock , with sharp teeth on strike , grinding , grinding tools. 快速破碎機


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