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Plastic crusher maintenance is the key

Time:2014-1-20 Click:1250

Plastic crusher maintenance:
1 , should be placed ventilated plastic crusher , and ensure that the work of heat from the motor and prolong its life.
2 , the bearing should be regularly filling oil , lubricating bearings ensure inter .
3 , regular inspection tool screws , the new plastic crusher 1 hour after use , fastening tool knife , screw fixed knife , knife blade and strengthen inter- fixity .
4 , in order to ensure the sharpness tool cuts should always check the tool , ensure its sharpness , reduced due to the lack of a blunt blade caused unnecessary damage to other parts .
5 , when the tool change , the gap between the knife and the fixed knife : 20HP better than Crusher 0.8MM , 20HP following crusher 0.5MM better. Recycled material thinner , the gap may be appropriate to transfer large .
6 , before the second start , you should first clear the machine room of the remaining debris, reducing start-up resistance . Open the hood and should be regularly inertia pulley cover, remove the flange beneath the gray , plastic crusher chamber because the powder is discharged into the shaft bearings.
7 , the machine should be kept well grounded .
8 , regularly check whether plastic crusher belt slack , timely tighten .

Plastic crusher inspection and treatment:
Various parts of a motor , reducer , hydraulic couplings, nose, tail and other couplings must be complete , intact, tight. Reducer, hydraulic shaft section should be no oil leakage , oil spills, oil should be appropriate.
2, the signal must be sensitive and reliable , no signals are not allowed to boot. To ensure good spray sprinklers .
3 , power cable , the operating line must hang neatly , no phenomenon by squeezing ;
4 , the nose near the coal , waste rock, debris and motor , reducer must be swept clean coal dust ;
5 , face scraping conveyor loader head and tail of the lap to the right ;
6 , moderate critical scraper chain plate , scraper and fastening screws must be complete


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