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Complete production line

Complete production line


  PATTERSON Machinery was founded in 1999, specializing in the development, design, manufacture injection molding machine auxiliary equipment, garbage, food waste, solid waste crushers, shredders, aluminum, magnesium alloys, zinc alloys and other special crusher, PCB circuit board crusher circuit boards broken renewable recycling production line, waste tire crushing recycling production line, PET bottle crushing washing recycling line, waste wire and cable recycling production line, all kinds of poultry manure mixers conveyors, organic fertilizer production line, such as environmental regeneration equipment. The company has 10 years of crushing experience, technology and design drawings, crushing industry has many years of experience engineers group and number of national patents, products passed the European CE certification. There is a large market share.
  PATTERSON Plastic Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the design, manufacture, and sale of plastic machinery and auxiliary equipment of professional manufacturers. With ten years of experience in the production of plastic machine accessories, and has a group of experienced professional and technical personnel, with Europe and other foreign advanced technology, selection of quality parts to high standards of design and precision machining, production of advanced excellence, inexpensive and quality of the plastic grinder, automatic sifter, plastic mixer, mold temperature controller, industrial chillers, dryers and other products. 





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