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Tire Crusher

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Tire Crusher

Tire Crusher


Tire crusher working principle is:
Turn the motor drives the cutter room was broken by the transmission system, and then have to remove the outer diameter of the bead rims with tires ≤ Φ1200mm conveyor fed into the hopper of the device, into the tire through the hopper into the crushing chamber, cutter to shear and tear on the tires manner crushed in the crushing process, is less than or equal to 50 × 50 material from leaking from the rotary screen into the subsequent step; greater than 50 × 50 returns the screen to the material through the crushing chamber Yuangun cyclic broken until after the block size to meet the requirements of plastic crusher discharge.
Tire crusher structure is characterized by:
1 using Yuangun cut way to optimize the situation by force, reducing the rotating cutterhead is stuck phenomenon, while also reducing the crushing chamber tipping moment.
(2) using cycloid or planetary gear reducer, with carrying capacity, high efficiency, low noise, small size, light weight, long life and other advantages.
3 high hardness wear-resistant alloy electrode welding cutter blade, long life, can be repeatedly repaired sharpening use.
4 arbor enables fast, convenient installation and maintenance.




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