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xk series of open mill

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xk series of open mill

xk series of open mill


xk series mixing machine for safe operation:
xk series of open mill is one of the main equipment of rubber plant. Open mill mixing operation is accident-prone process, which includes personal accident and equipment accidents. In recent years, on the one hand due to the rapid increase in the rubber business, especially in the rural township opened a lot of rubber enterprises, so that a large number of young workers embarked on a rigorous training without mixing jobs and widespread violations of safety operating conditions. On the other hand, due to the mixing machine production capacity continues to strengthen, but also because some steel radial tire and a wide cross-section of the tire, tread rubber hardness requirements increase, resulting in increased pressure on horizontal mixing machine, causing damage to the frequent security chip, and roll tube rupture accident. Therefore, the security status of batch job is not optimistic the protection of workers in production safety and health is an important policy of our country, the protection of state property, and promote the development of production is an important duty of enterprise management. Therefore, rubber companies, to secure the boot operations should be paid.




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