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Aluminum-magnesium alloy crusher

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Aluminum-magnesium alloy crusher

Aluminum-magnesium alloy crusher


Aluminum-magnesium alloy crusher Product Features:
1, metal crusher blade is crafted with high-alloy blade engagement, for any high hardness materials have good metal crusher feeding equipment
The grinder effect.
2, metal crusher gear motor drive, other than cans mill to save 20% of the electricity.
3, metal crusher boot smoothly without too much noise, and the foundation is installed, the noise is very small.
4, metal crusher strong structure, dense type stiffeners to ensure strong cabinet.
5, metal crusher conveyor belt feeding device can be configured.
6, all-round control buttons allow you to control more simple, the whole process takes only one person can smash.

Aluminum-magnesium alloy crusher principle:
The basic principles of metal grinder with a motor driven wind wheel extrusion, the core principle is to use the basic principles of a hammer, and the discharge port with a filter-type conveyors, high-speed high-torque motor driven rotor hammer on the host take turns hitting into the cavity of the substance to be broken, the space between the liner and the hammer through the formation of the material to be broken torn into conforming to specifications detritus. Metal grinder crusher according to the working conditions, the system can be divided into dry and wet systems and sub-humid systems.
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