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Axis shredder

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Axis shredder

Axis shredder


Introduction axis shredder equipment and instructions
Our crusher introduction of foreign advanced technology, excellent quality parts using long life, blade replacement quick and easy. Rapid production of high efficiency, which is a bulk material for crushing waste crusher, by cutting, tearing crack and squeeze reach shredded and reduce material size effect. This crusher is widely used in crushing and bulky waste volume reduction, especially for garbage, circuit boards, scrap wood, plastic sheeting, plastic film, plastic buckets, tires and broken pallets.

Axis shredder can be broken items:
1, food waste category (kitchen waste): Daily leftover food residue, melons, fruit and other debris. Eat foods leave plastic bags, wrapping paper, snack bags, drink bottles
2, general waste category (scattered garbage): including paper, cardboard boxes, waste plastics, cans, glass, ceramics, wood, old clothes, old shoes, discarded furniture, paint and other household waste and inorganic ash.
3, courtyard / agricultural waste: all kinds of plastic sheeting, plastic film, including plant residues, leaves, twigs and other debris swept courtyard of hazardous waste, including waste batteries, waste fluorescent tubes,
4, medical waste classification: after use disposable medical devices, whether or not cut off the needles, whether it is the patient body fluids, blood, fecal contamination, belong to medical waste should be managed as medical waste. A variety of glass (disposable plastic) infusion bottles (bags) of wastewater effluent silver thermometers, expired medicines after use.
5, Metal: all kinds of aluminum, zinc alloy material outlet, paint bucket, the day that buckets, cans, discarded tires, PCB circuit boards, integrated circuit boards.
6, the timber: all kinds of scrap wood, timber, wood and so on various construction sites.

Axis shredder show:

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