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Wood shredder

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Wood shredder

Wood shredder


Precautions wood shredder work as follows:
1 Before shredder to work, want to tear the whole machine checks, such as line, whether the debris inside the shredder.
2 shredder at work, the first no-load operation, if there is no abnormality in feed production to begin.
3 sieve shredder shredder is an important part of the work, and therefore it is fixed or to check, whether the missing material.
4 If you work out in the shredder sound unusual or sudden discharge port and motor bearings are gambling fever unusual phenomena should be promptly closed the machine, and then check the fault and then discharged to work.
5 each time when the work is completed shredder machine to be idle a few minutes, after the material inside the shredder discharge all closed shredder.
6 Save the shredder must be indoors, beware of wet water, rust, etc.. Staff to operate according to the principle of production safety proceed.

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