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Discarded appliances crusher (crusher axis)

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Discarded appliances crusher (crusher axis)

Discarded appliances crusher (crusher axis)


Discarded appliances crusher (crusher axis) Principle:
1, the feed conveyor: Place to be crushed sheet metal timber;
2, the feed pressure roller: controlling the feed rate and keep the sheet metal slip and do not feed does not happen;
3, the spiral crushing roller: the circumferential direction on the roller cutter uniform welding, the crushing roller in a circumferential direction to ensure that a consistent force moments;
4, the template having a feed crushing and fragmentation synchronized to achieve uniform broken;
5, the feed pressure roller bearings using UCK series plus spring-loaded mechanism that can adapt to different sheet thicknesses broken;
6, the feed roller and pressure roller crusher with different power systems, easy to control.

Discarded appliances crusher (crusher axis) shows:


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