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Transportation equipment discarded appliances

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Transportation equipment discarded appliances

Transportation equipment discarded appliances


Discarded appliances is a friction drive conveyor equipment in a continuous manner for material transport machinery. Apply it, the material can be transported in a certain line, from the initial feed point to the final discharge point between the formation of a material transport processes. It can be transported granular materials, can also be transported into pieces items. In addition to the purely material handling, but also can be used with various industrial production processes required in the process of cooperating to form a rhythmic flow transport line. So conveying equipment widely used in modern industrial enterprise.
Application of waste household appliances transportation equipment industry:
Fine Chemicals: pigment, dye, paint, carbon black, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, ceramic powder, heavy calcium carbonate, light calcium carbonate, bentonite, zeolite, kaolin, silica powder, activated carbon, etc.
Pesticide ore: urea, ammonium chloride, ammonium bicarbonate, baking soda, solid pesticide, tungsten powder, pesticide chemicals, copper powder, coal, rock phosphate, alumina powder
Construction materials: concrete, clay, sand, quartz sand, clay powder, silica, limestone, dolomite powder, wood flour, glass fibers, silica, talc, etc.
Food industry: flour, starch, cereals, milk, and food additives.

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