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Metering feeder type masterbatch mix

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Metering feeder type masterbatch mix

Metering feeder type masterbatch mix


Metered masterbatch mix feeder HJL-30 Features and functions:
Metered masterbatch mixer used in the automatic scaling of new material, regrind, masterbatch or additives, such as mixing. This series brushless DC motors, hybrid based on the proportion of pre-set conditions through the whole bit microcomputer control system settings automatically converted into speed direct drive screw extrusion materials whose precision error of not more than ± 1% . The product's motor score of 30:1 and 75:1 reduction are two, 12,14,16 mm screw diameter divided into three types can be evolved out of six models provide 0.1 to 38 kg per hour of output for customers to choose different . Another color masterbatch, according to customer needs with a combination of any two masterbatch.


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