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Shaft Shredder

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Shaft Shredder

Shaft Shredder


Shaft Shredder features:
Biaxial shredder by using advanced alloy composed of two cutter cut each other, all kinds of hard and soft materials shredded, mainly shredded plastic drums, rubber tires, baskets material, Large films, big bales of plastic sheeting mulch big films, big bales of plastic packaging films, bags large bundle pack tons of bags, roll film, paper, fiber, wood and so on. The machine has a large output, low energy consumption, low noise, low dust, etc., which are widely used in a variety of solid waste, plastics, waste household appliances, paper, leather, wood, rubber and other coarse broken, broken job.
1, the product of a shaft shredder for hard chunks of powder materials, baskets, pipe, sheet metal, wood, tires, Roll film can be broken;
2, the combination of structural frame precision machining of ultra thick plate, strong wide-angle rotating shaft hexagonal columns, large diameter solid into the hopper, so you can rest assured that a large investment in raw materials;
3, the design in terms of thickness, shape and arrangement of the order, such as processing a unique rotary knife, cut and strong, sharp blade, high efficiency can be broken;
4, PLC control, too much when treated with forward and reverse operation and shutdown functions to protect the body, foolproof security measures;
5, low speed, low noise, less dust;
6, the tool of special alloy steel, durable; low transmission speed, low noise, high torque, mechanical design, electrical overload, is more suitable for large thick broken offal items (such as televisions, washing machines, refrigerators shell, large pipe, pipe fittings, forklift pallets, tires, drums, etc.).

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