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Z-shaped stainless steel belt conveyor

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Z-shaped stainless steel belt conveyor

Z-shaped stainless steel belt conveyor


Z-shaped stainless steel belt conveyor for industry and purchase conditions:
Uses: Suitable for coal, metallurgy, mining, chemicals, building materials, docks, warehouses, construction sites and other bulk materials conveying the pouch or box items, especially suitable for use in chemical plants, cement plants and other environments require manual loading, saving large numbers of people. Can also be used in the food, brewing, clothing, appliances and other pipeline operations after modification.
Selection, ordering must be marked: belt speed, bandwidth, transmission distance, transmission capacity, tilt angle, material characteristics, work environment, angle of repose and other basic technical parameters. Another transport such as fertilizer, parcels and other items selected baggy tank parallel conveyor; need to use Groove belt conveyor when the conveyor grain, coal, sand and other bulk materials.
Carding machine features: electric drum drive, high efficiency, simple structure, height adjustable, easy to use and maintain, the bottom with casters, mobile and flexible, you can manually push out the warehouse, using the length and height can enhance the actual situation according to the venue customized.

Z-shaped stainless steel conveyor belt toward the development of which direction:
The world's major developed countries are also being developed with a long-distance, large-volume continuous conveyor conveying capacity, structural development to a higher performance, functionality and better direction. Can in extreme temperatures and corrosive, radioactive and other work environments and can deliver explosive, hot, sticky materials such as conveyors.
Conveyor trends to develop in the direction of large, including several large transmission capacity and large areas alone length. Now the world's longest water transport device has more than 400 kilometers in length, the longest single belt conveyor length is close to 15 km, and the two cities have emerged link belt conveyor track.
Conveyor can meet the requirements of automation and control. The greatest possible reduction in energy consumption and energy, the energy delivery to calculate the standard one kilometer to be consumed according to one ton of materials, which is most important for future development.

Z-shaped stainless steel belt conveyor show:

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