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Heavy-duty belt conveyor

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Heavy-duty belt conveyor

Heavy-duty belt conveyor


Heavy-duty conveyor belt detail want information about:
Model: HPD-500
Synonyms: belt feeder
Usage: plastics, chemicals
Motor power: 5 (KW)
Dimensions :1-10 (mm)
Weight: Consulting (kg)
Category: feeding machine
Size: 700 * 560 * 910
The company since its inception, the talent strategy is widely accepted and reserves with advanced management experience of professionals to form a good knowledge of the structure of personnel; in product strategy followed the world trend, and constantly develop appropriate field of advanced plastics auxiliary equipment, to improve the market competitiveness; in the service we follow the customer is God, "sincere, trustworthy, hardworking," the purpose, to provide users with a full range of services.

Heavy-duty belt conveyor show:


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