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Garbage crushing machine

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Garbage crushing machine

Garbage crushing machine


Biaxial shredder by using advanced alloy composed of two cutter cut each other, all kinds of hard and soft materials shredded. The machine has a large output, low energy consumption, low noise, low dust, etc., which are widely used in a variety of solid waste, plastics, waste household appliances, paper, leather, wood, rubber and other coarse broken, broken job, single handle per hour amount of 1-25 tons

The garbage can be broken items:
A food waste (kitchen waste): Daily leftover food residue, melons, fruit and other debris. Eat foods leave plastic bags, wrapping paper, snack bags, drink bottles
2 general waste (garbage scattered): including paper, waste plastic, cans, glass, ceramics, wood, old clothes, old shoes, discarded furniture, paint and other household waste and inorganic ash.
3 yard waste: includes plant residues, leaves, twigs and other debris swept courtyard of hazardous waste, including waste batteries, waste fluorescent tubes, waste silver thermometers, expired medicines
4 medical waste classification: after use disposable medical devices, whether or not cut off the needles, whether it is the patient body fluids, blood, fecal contamination, belong to medical waste should be managed as medical waste. Advantage of a variety of glass (disposable plastic) after use infusion bottles (bags) biaxial high yield crusher, the crushed material for wet and dry is not specified, dry sound at low speed, less dust. Tool can be used repeatedly.

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