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Garbage Crusher

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Garbage Crusher

Garbage Crusher


Garbage crushing machine installation test:
1, the device [1] should be installed on a level concrete foundation with anchor bolts.
2, the installation should pay attention to the main body vertical and horizontal.
3, after the installation check for loose bolts and various parts of the doors are secure host, if requested to tighten.
4, according to the configuration of power equipment, power lines and control switches.
5, checked, empty load test, test the normal production.
Garbage crushing machine technical parameters:
Should be considered when selecting garbage crusher following technical parameters:
1. Crushing way. For example shearing crusher, impact crusher, crusher blade pendulum crusher, crusher and so on is cut bite.
2 Power. General broken garbage crusher used in the power range between 8 kW to 300 kW.
3 drive. Common garbage crusher main electric motor drive and hydraulic motors to drive two.
4. Feed size. This parameter determines the maximum the machine can be broken material.
5 discharging granularity. This parameter is based on scrap uses.
6 production. This parameter and the material particle size and installed power three parameters can be seen along the aircraft's crushing efficiency.


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