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PCB circuit board crusher (crushing)

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PCB circuit board crusher (crushing)

PCB circuit board crusher (crushing)


PCB circuit board crusher (crushing) Features:
1, material storage type fast machine is a silent crusher machine placed on the side, for small plastic parts and outlet material recycling.
2, fast: outlet material has been put into the crusher can be recycled to the injection molding machine, the re-injection products, can be equipped with mechanical hand use.
3, Shoulder material: material outlet temperature after removal, will suffer oxidation, wet (to absorb moisture) and the destruction of property, namely recycling can reduce physical strength, reduce damage color gloss.
4, to save money: short recovery, to avoid contamination, caused by poor mixing ratio can reduce plastic waste and losses, labor, management, storage, purchase materials funds.
5, diverse: according to the hardness of material to choose their own claw knife and slice knife.
PCB circuit board crusher (crushing) technical parameters and characteristics:
  1, Power: Voltage 380V, Phase 3 phase, frequency 50HZ;
  2, motor power: 50HP (37KW);
  3, a special feed hopper; enclosed structure, the installation of suction inlet and the inlet;
  4, crushing diameter: 690mm × 500mm;
  5, the crushing chamber turning diameter: ø420mm;
  6, number of tools: two fixed knife, the knife 27;
  7, the tool material: SKD-11, strong and durable;
 8, feed size: ≤ 40mm
  9, mesh aperture: ø12mm;
  10, crushing capacity :600-900kg / h;
  11, Dimensions: 2000mm × 1540mm × 2100mm;
  12, Machine weight: 2600kg;
  13, the body and bearing installation of water cooling circulation system to ensure continued production equipment at room temperature, durable, and improve productivity.
  14, using the ladder type rotary cutter knife claw structure, strong shear capacity, not damaged, low replacement costs.
  15, equipped with a safety switch to clean, to ensure that employees safe operation.                     




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