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PCB circuit board crusher (the broken)

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PCB circuit board crusher (the broken)

PCB circuit board crusher (the broken)


PCB circuit board crusher (the broken) application areas:
Mainly applicable to a variety of soft and hard materials shredded, mainly shredded plastic drums, rubber tires, baskets material, Large films, big films mulch bales of plastic sheeting, plastic film packing bales, bales packed tons of knitting bags bags, roll film, Tetra Pak boxing, Combibloc, paper, fiber, wood and so on. Broken difficult such as televisions, washing machines, refrigerator case, a large pipe, pipe fittings, forklift pallets, tires, drums, plastic, rubber, large tires, large nylon, plastic head material, car bumpers, chunk nets, fibers, paper, wood, electrical parts, cables, PET bottles, cardboard, board, wood, and other solid objects. Users can handle the size and amount of material to choose the appropriate model.PCB電路板破碎機(中碎)
PCB circuit board crusher (the broken) Technical parameters:
  1, Power: Voltage 380V, Phase 3 phase, frequency 50HZ;
  2, motor power: 100HP (75KW);
  3, the grinding chamber dimensions: ø600mm × 1100mm;
  4, the number of tools: fixed knife 25, knife 60;
  5, feed size: ≤ 12mm;
  6, mesh aperture: ø3mm;
  7, crushing capacity: 500 ~ 800kg / h;
  8 Dimensions (L × W × H): 2000mm × 1660mm × 2140mm;
  9, Machine weight: 3500kg;

PCB circuit board crusher (the broken) structural features:
  1, a closed conical twin hopper cutting mode, and to install the material gate, under the control of the feed rate;
  2, fixed knife with high abrasion tooth plate 16 made ??of manganese steel by special technology, durable, high crushing efficiency;
  3, knife imported alloy steel made ??of special heat treatment process;
  4, the body of the upper and lower body combinations, and pneumatic opening and closing, time-saving, easy to clean and repair;
  5, the shaft body with separate structure, easy maintenance and service;
  6, the installation of the bearing cooling water circulation system to ensure the sustainability of the production of the bearing device at high speed, to improve service life.
  7, equipped with a safety switch to clean, to ensure safe operation staff
  8, with a suction box (with feeding the fan connection, diameter according to customer requirements);


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